Passionate about cooking and food, go on experience the fresh, nutritious and delicious flavours of natural goodness to be found at Haddington Farmers' Market . As well as enjoying the old-fashioned ‘tastes', you can receive first-hand tips on cooking guidelines, free recipes, healthy options and meet specialist organic food and drink producers.

A number of recipes are available to download from this site - try some out using our mouthwatering ingredients that can be found at Haddington Farmers' Market

With summer here, or so they tell us, what better way to enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer then eating al fresco.

Haddington Farmers’ Market provides a wide range of seasonal ingredients. Have you tried barbeque salmon or trout, delicious when marinated? Belhaven Smokehouse, not only sell the produce but the special BBQ fish holders.

Kebabs are another summer favourite and you can use beef, pork, lamb, venison, wild boar, and ostrich.